Aaron is a photographer specialising in fine art photography, touching upon contemporary culture exploring conceptual themes through a style of cinematic influence. Born in Cornwall and recently graduating from Plymouth College of Art. His latest body of work combines film and digital as he explores the representation of mental health, in particular suicide in the UK, through the use of statistics provided by The Samaritans, as well as personal experiences. "Don’t Feed The Ghosts", is a photographic case study, combining documentary and conceptual fine art photography, creating a platform for post trauma images. Through nuanced details and self portraiture, the work hopes to have created something to relate to, and a conversation starter/thought provoking project to talk to people about their mental health.

Email: aaronlovelock@hotmail.co.uk Instagram: www.instagram.com/aaron.lovelock/ Website: www.aaronlovelock.co.uk



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