The term rumour cascades refer to the successful dissemination of misleading information. ‘APRIL 2020’ examines the propagation of fake news – an activity that not only damages trust but can destroy lives. It seeks to question and challenge this purported knowledge and raise concerns about the scale of this damaging practice. The presentation of x-ray-like photographs offer the chance to decode, re-question and re-evaluate them as if you were looking inside to find a deeper understanding.

My name is Jan Fajga, I am an art photographer who is intrigued with history, historical research informs my understanding of our world. This is reflected inmy work, these things are there to be questioned and I question this within the narrative of my work.

This body of work is named ‘Black & White’ and it is a play on words. When we describe something in this way there may be hidden narratives and it becomes less obvious when we delve a little deeper. This work is meant to challenge the viewer to look at and re-question the notion of truth as expressed by the term ‘Black and White’. The image is the final destination to think and ponder upon. I decided to question a variety of media statements and news and for many reasons, creating a new perspective and conversation around this topic.

This work is inspired by Plato and his cave, in the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ a man exits the cave seeing the world in colour and gaining a new understanding, to then be killed for telling the truth. Rather than getting people to understand slowly he tried to bombard them with this news and they were overwhelmed and scared. This work is an interruption that I used to think on the allegory of the cave, I do not want to overwhelm the viewer of my work, just ask them to question what we accept as truth within 'news'. This work is based on factual news reporting and then designed to be neutral, it is left for the person viewing to think and decide the outcome or meaning that connects to their personal truth. The main question for me within this narrative is will this project ever end?

Will the opinions and ideas of humanities position in relation to the truth be continually questioned?


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