My aim for this project was to create work that was challenging for people to view. I want to create conversation through my images and make people confront the stereotypes and question them. My work includes themes around body positivity and subverting the societal norms surrounding beauty. Through vast experimentation I have created a body of work that represents how I feel about how society views and labels me.

I hope through this project that I can help others understand what it is like to be on the other side of society's views, and help those who are on the other side, like myself, to feel seen and accepted. For me this project has been a long journey of self-acceptance and self-love, my view of myself has changed and I want those who view my work to feel this in how I have presented myself.

Alix Barber is a fine art photographer whose work aims to transform and shift societal norms. She uses self-portraiture to confront challenging topics such as body image and self-love and is not shy about how she does so. Her work is raw and personal, combative, and confrontational. Barber works predominantly with analogue processes and has been nurturing an ever-growing love with developing film herself. Barber hopes that her work will create a conversation that otherwise may not have been had.
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