Forest Therapy

As the impending fear of an environmental crisis, deforestation has become more understood in mainstream culture. My project ‘Forest Therapy’ is an expression of my passionate feelings towards the threat of deforestation in which it explores the relationship in which humans interact forests by portraying forests and man to be one. This is shown through the use of projection photography to illustrate the close founded relationship we have with forests through the use of overlaying onto the human form. Using lungs to represent the core meaning of what trees provide use with as a statement of our survival. Using an editorial approach, I am able to transform my images to my vision and create a metaphorical balance. Through creating this art, I am starting an activist thought process for my viewer to interpret. Creating this space encourages the viewer to re-evaluate the way in which their relationship with the landscape is formed, and how they might interact with forests In future.

My art is a journey of self-discovery. I am always true to my art by expression, I use this method to my advantage by never limiting myself in my work. My art is a reflection of myself in which I can reach out to my viewer through metaphorical meanings and visual creation. My art resonates with the collective memory, acting as an emotional Rorschach test that triggers many similar universal feelings in different people, acting to connect with my viewer on a personal level. Photography, for me, is a way of capturing unique moments that speaks to a verity of people by delivering a narrative.

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