Ursula Mary, My Sweetheart is a project dedicated to exploring my Nanna’s passing and using my photographic practice to experience grief. Starting this project in the studio and then progressing to locations that were pivotal in her life and inviting you to meet her through these photographs. Shot in analogue medium format to slow down practice and capture the most important parts, including photographing my mother as we both have such strong emotional attachment to Ursula.

Having used photography throughout her life, Lottie Acton has since discovered a love of creating work that focuses on both herself and those around her. Having used self portraiture throughout her degree she now focuses on themes such as loss, grief, nostalgia and site specific work. After unearthing a new found love of analogue processes Lottie’s practice became more contemporary and fine art based where photography became the main response to life events and a communicative tool which allowed her to convey stories and invite others into her world. Using analogue unlocked a new perspective on image making as it forces the slowing down of what is in front of the lens and why it should be captured, wanting each shot to have the opportunity to become a stand alone piece.

Acton’s vision is set on creating an emotive and immersive experience for the viewer and encouraging them to connect with their own thoughts and experiences.

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Email - lottieactonphotography@gmail,com

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