Plastic Bloom

There are believed to be 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean. We as human beings may see the difference between a plastic object and a jellyfish but to marine creatures such as turtles, they can both look the same. This often leads to plastic being consumed which can lead to devastating results.

Plastic Bloom explores how turtles and other marine animals observe the plastic and debris around them by manipulating non recyclable plastic in the form of a jellyfish to demonstrate how this devastating mistake is made.

Within my photography practice I aim to challenge and to explore ways in which we see our world. Environmental concerns lie at the heart of my practice. From deforestation to marine pollution, I aim to shock my viewer into deep reflection in order to help fight our environmental crisis. My practice is interdisciplinary, utilising photography, sculpture and origami methods and is displayed as both still life photography and large scale installations. The use of statistical information highlights the horror of our current climate change crisis.


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