Daniel Dayment’s photographic work focuses on the human relationship with land and life. His work explores ideas of meditated states in the landscape whilst also exploring individuals in the natural world. The documentary style narratives that Daniel captures take the viewer on journeys and experiences he has encountered while immersing himself in landscapes and communities.

In September 2021, Daniel finished building his first home. A home on wheels that sits on the chassis of a 2007 Citroen Relay once used by an electrical company. Through photography, conversation and experience, Daniel wanted to learn more about those who have chosen to live nomadically, off grid and closer to the land. Over the winter and spring of 2021/22, he embarked on a journey that would take him around the UK and into the dwellings of those that invited him in. The photographs that he has captured are an insight to the people that he has met and the experiences he encountered while living on the road.

Daniel’s body of work Natural Progress is a term that he has created to describe the journey that one is on to find ultimate happiness and connection towards life and the natural world. Over the past few years he has found himself being pulled closer and closer to the natural spaces that he has access to. Locations of silence where you can find peace within yourself and happiness away from the busy world that we often find ourselves in. 


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