Gabriella Sorgente’s body of work is a response to her experiences of marginalisation through appearance. Gabriella’s body of work is inspired by the historical and contemporary contexts of appearance; she has done this to understand the way that beauty standards have changed in response to societal and cultural expectations. Gabriella has also taken inspiration from renaissance and other historical paintings of nude women. The reason she has done

this is because she finds that these women represent her body type. Portraiture has remained the central focus of her practice. She uses it to raise awareness of difference as well as challenging societal norms resulting in the marginalisation of women. Her work responds to women’s appearance through time and how this has changed. Societal norms regarding women change in response to popular opinion in a way that is similar to the ever shifting fashions that inform our daily lives. Gabriella feels that she is marginalised in society due to her polycystic ovaries. This results in body hair which even in contemporary society is seen as “ugly”. Gabriella wants to shock the viewer through her abstract work. This is why her images can be hard to understand.

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