Based at Plymouth College of Art, Hannah has just completed a degree in BA (Hons) Photography. She spends her time split between the city Plymouth and her home in the countryside on the Isle of Wight. From a young age Hannah has always been interested in photography, taking snapshots on the family camera. To help her develop her skills she decided to pursue a GCSE in secondary school. From there it became clear that it was a passion for Hannah. Going on to take it at A Level then through to a degree. Having based many projects around the themes of mental health photography has become a regular emotional outlet for her whether she knows that at the beginning of the project or not.

‘Blue’ is a project based around the feeling of being lost, whether that is in thought or everyday life. In the current uneasy climate we are living through this feeling has been heightened for me. I had been working on a project called ‘Echo’. Echo covered ideas of self confidence and body confidence. I had planned to work with a variety of models in the studios at the university but with the impending lockdown looming I made the decision to go back to my family home, as none of these shoots were going to be possible in any way shape or form. 

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