Harry McCallum is a contemporary documentary and portrait photographer who engages with notions of identity, sexuality, interactions with domestic space and socio-political relationships. He is passionate about creating controversial and provoking projects around these topics that urge the viewer to consider different perspectives around the topic being explored.

His project We, The Queer looks at the LGBTQ+ community in the South West, documenting individuals within their immediate domestic space. The project focuses on the theme of queer loneliness and how this has been further impacted by the past lockdowns and isolation periods as-well as how a lack of funding in mental health support and safe spaces affects the South West. It also examines other present issues within the community, such as bi-erasure, lack of acceptance for others, generational differences and other issues. Alongside the portraits are short statements written by the model, giving insight
into their experience and stories. Harry has photographed his models within the immediate surroundings of their houses, such as their dining table or bedroom, enabling their physical and intimate space to detail their individual personalities. This project pushes the viewer to consider multiple different perspectives of life within the LGBTQ+ community and how a variety of different factors may affect them.



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