Hayley Bennett’s practice focuses on documentary and archival work. Her photography explores subjects on industrial heritage, domestic spaces, the familial, as well as social justice themes.

For her current work titled Bennett 04 she considers ideas of presence and absence created by the conditions of incarceration. This project explores the experience of loss around the relationship with her absent father through enforced separation. The project is an assemblage which documents his past life through his everyday objects and the personal effects left behind from his military days, specifically capturing his former hobbies or objects from the attic
or toolshed. In contrast, the project also documents his present circumstances and is co-created with my father whose contributions of drawings, letters and conversations reflect the status of their relationship, revealing the impact of separation.

Her personal experiences relating to these themes highlight a profound understanding of the distress, trauma and pain experienced by the innocent family members who are caught up in, and similarly affected, by the justice system whose lives are often forgotten and overlooked.

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Email : hayleybennettphoto@gmail.com 

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