Irina Silva is a conceptual photographer whose work focuses

on cultural and social struggles. Last year with work on toxic masculinity and this year women’s body image issues. As an artist she strives to talk about the topics that some still find controversial and steer clear of talking about, especially online, as to avoid what society now calls being cancelled.

‘Being a Woman in the Social Media Age’ focuses on the reality of growing up with the pressures of social media where unrealistic standards are pushed onto women and in turn how it affects them - their mental health, body image. Social media has a way of making people compare themselves to others, which becomes unhealthy when, more times than not, the people they are comparing themselves to touch up their images and is an unrealistic standard. As a society, it has been easy to turn a blind eye to the statistics

of mental health issues caused by society itself, but this work is trying to make a clear statement to bring that awareness some are avoiding at all costs. Photographically focussing on insecurities the artist developed herself as a result of these standards, which can mean it becomes more relatable for more women who may struggle with the same insecurities and in turn may bring women together to fight these unrealistic beauty standards.

Instagram: @irina_silva_photography 

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