'lone' is an ongoing body of work surrounding a loss of touch. At current, our society has become rather familiar with a sense of solitude, isolated from the ones we used to hold close.

This body of work explores this melancholy feeling in a diaristic manner, capturing moments of silence, craving an embrace. Absence quietly dominates this visual series, documenting still frames through a reality of distance, yet a desire for connection.

Katie views and uses photography as a tool of communication; a sense of dialect to stimulate conversation. The process carries her through a journey of reflection and comprehension of the message she is wishing to convey. The use of analogue photography allows a raw and rich narrative to be translated. It is her preferred way of developing and performing her practice due to its complicated simplicity, functioning honestly and reflectively. Katie thrives on encouraging individuals to question her material. She often finds herself shooting candid frames and refining them further once she has completed the process of developing them. Allowing herself this freedom with a roll of film absorbs her shots with personality, yet privacy concerning her narratives. She states: ‘Everything is embedded with a journey; it is how you choose to perceive that narrative that creates a story.’





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