Kieran Lewis is a documentary photographer whose work explores pertinent political issues in Cornwall. Having grown up in the county himself, Kieran has witnessed the divide between ‘locals’ and ‘second-home owners’ grow further apart in recent years. This has triggered the start of his project “Kernow’ which seeks to explore

the rising political tensions in Cornwall as the housing crisis puts a strain on the county. His work aims to represent everyone affected by the crisis, in a bid to raise awareness of the issue so that changes can be implemented. With more than 18,000 empty homes and 16,000 people on a waiting list for council housing, and 10,000 Airbnb properties, it makes the struggle for sustainable, affordable housing an issue. Second home owners, tin miners, airBnB owners and charity workers are just a few of the people Kieran has met on the journey. The aim of the book is to fundraise for homelessness charities in Cornwall. 100% of the profits from each book sale will go directly to support the homeless via the charity Emmaus. 

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