Kirsty Sewell is a contemporary, conceptual photographer whose work deals with communication of the social issues of mental health and identity, and the themes of the photographic in relation to surrealism, and conceptual photography.

As a child Kirsty grew up with the difficulty to understand her own mental health with anxiety and depression and the only way she felt she could express her emotions was through her visual imagery. She has an interest in photographic manipulation and loves to edit her image through post production on Photoshop or Lightroom creating powerful narratives to spread awareness.

Her Current body of work explores her personal experience with Anxiety and Depression. Kirsty work creates a personal narrative conveying visual metaphors about her mental health by exploring her emotions and thoughts. Furthermore, Kirsty has been self-analysing her anxiety by producing automatism art with automatic drawing and writing at a time of my anxiety to seek into her emotions and feelings which she turns visual with certain words or imagery that she finds to then use to make a visual metaphor through my photography much like a visual diary. Exploring narratives through surreal imagery, Kirsty’s photography stays in the world of conceptual photography. 



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