Lauren Tossell is a fine art portrait photographer whose work focuses on activism and bringing attention to important topics such as feminism and homophobia.

Lauren’s current photographic practice is entitled “DeClowning ‘’ where she role plays as a clown in order to symbolise how she ‘feels a fool’ for allowing herself to be sexualised in the past and changing herself to fit in with what she thought would make her more desirable to men and to please the male gaze. Now being gay adult , she reflects back on her early teen years and how this effected
her in the past. Lauren felt this was an important topic to focus on as she is aware this affects many people, whether this being teens, adults and people of any gender. It’s hard to unlearn the teachings of the patriarchy as it’s something that has always been an influence to us , as a society.

Lauren uses photography as a way to express her emotions and as a way to get her voice into the world, due to her dyslexia she struggles with writing and Lauren uses art as a way for her to communicate her opinions to society.

Instagram : @rensportfolio 

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