‘By Your Side’ is an ongoing exploration of therapeutic photography that examines the impact of loss in adolescent years by recreating memories of loved ones. Visualising responses to trauma through a combination of self-portraiture, site specific photography and the written word in order to undergo a multifaceted journey to understand personal experiences. Utilising the power of the photograph in relation to grief.

After experiencing bereavement at a young age Maria channels her own loss into her work to examine the camera’s therapeutic potential through themes such as loss and memory. Maria materialises the posthumous conversation that we have with lost loved ones by using photography as a means to explore the effect that loss has on our memories and emotions. Her exploration begins with revisiting spaces that hold key memories from her childhood and adolescent years then uses her body to respond to these memories. Additionally, Maria adopts a diaristic approach when capturing her images to document the therapeutic impact of the act of photography.




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