Niamh Whisker is a contemporary artist who through cyanotype printing (a photographic printing process), focuses on topics concerning political and social issues as well as documenting the beauty in the mundane. Through her work, Niamh wants to capture the beauty and softness of surrounding environments which puts the viewer at ease conveying a level of calmness and dreaminess through her cyanotype work.

In her most recent project Region of Discontent, Niamh Whisker explores the areas which were most affected by the deindustrialisation of the North East of England specifically focusing on the area of Sunderland, an area of which her fathers family are from. Niamh photographs locations where heavy industry work was most prevalent and wants to capture how these areas have recovered from the effects of Thatcherism as well as what is in place now compared to what
once was pre-de-industrialisation. Niamh uses a photographic printing process to create cyanotype prints of her work, tying the prevalent blue colour of Niamh’s prints to the underlying theme of the River Wear located in Sunderland which connects all of the locations together.

The title Region of Discontent relates to the emotions and feelings
of those from working class areas in the North East during de- industrialisation; a region which has been made to feel discontent with their situation due to the effects of Thatcherism.

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